Ice Cream Inspired Candle Holders

Who said crafting was just for the kids? Here is a fun, easy and delicious candle decorating DIY that everyone can enjoy!

What you will need:

-Tea Candle Holders-We bought ours at the dollar store, and liked the shape of them. However, you can get whatever shape and size you like. Just make sure the material of the holder is able to retain acrylic paint.

-Candles- we went with three flavors; Vanilla, Cotton Candy and Mint-these will correlate with the ice cream designs we will paint on each one later! However, feel free to choose a flavor you prefer.

-Acrylic Paint- For these designs we used: green, pink, white, brown, blue, light pink and black

-Paint Brushes

To Begin:

For the three ice cream flavors we are going to be replicating- mint chip, cotton candy and Neapolitan ice cream.


First we will start with the mint chip! As you can see in the shape of the candle holder there are a lot of angles and shapes on it-since we like the silver that is already on the holder, we are only going to paint the bottom half of it. Stopping right at the points and going all the way around the holder. Use those points to help create a clean line to separate the color from the silver.



For the base, we will be painting with a light green color, to really give that fun mint chip base. Although the candle holder takes the paint, give each color a couple coats to give yourself a good saturated look. Go all the way around the holder until the entire bottom half is green. Allow to dry. Once the green has finished drying, go ahead and add your little mint chips (using black) for fun detail and set aside to dry.



Next we have the Neapolitan! Since we need to differentiate the colors, we are going to start with the white line in the middle of the top and bottom of our painting space. Since white is hard to paint over other colors, this will help give us the bold color we desire. Evenly, so there is enough room for the pink and brown later, wrap the white around the holder until it is fully saturated. Allow to dry. Once the vanilla has dried go ahead and add the pink above it. Don’t go over the line, we want all the candles to be symmetrical. After drying, finish up with the chocolate on the bottom and set aside to dry.



Lastly, the cotton candy ice cream! Like the Neapolitan, we wanted to leave room for the pink to allow the color to pop. So begin with the light blue paint, leaving gaps for the pink that will go in later. Since cotton candy ice cream is pretty sporatic, you don’t have to be too clean with how your lines will look-its more fun like that! Once you have gone all around with the blue, allow it to dry before continuing on with the pink. Go in where the spaces are empty and fill in with your light pink. Give it a couple coats if needed. Once your blues and pinks are all filled in, set aside to dry.


While your candles are drying, go ahead and get your candles out-ours were a little too tall for the stands so we simply cut them in half with a knife to make them fit better. This is a personal choice and preference and not required. When all of your candles are dried, go ahead and place the candles inside of the holders, get yourself a match and voila! You have some adorable, delicious ice cream candles that everyone gets to enjoy!

You could make chocolate, vanilla with sprinkles, rainbow sorbet, the ideas are endless!

If you liked this DIY and made your own version of our Ice Cream Candle Holders, Tag, comment and share with us on Instagram @theicecreamcastles.

Happy Crafting!! XOXO

More about Katie Bettini

Katie is ecstatic to be a part of the Ice Cream Castles team! She is an artist and designer working in Los Angeles.  Her previous experiences revolved around the world of production: working in Art Department, Props, Costumes, and Make-Up in both film and television. Her resume includes work with such companies as YouTube, Nickelodeon and Disney. Her other passions include painting, fabricating, and all things DIY.  We are truly lucky to have her on our team. 

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