DIY Ice Cream Kicks

Need to spruce up some of your little one's shoes? Our DIY expert and guest contirubutor Katie Bettini has cooked up the recipe for some sweet custom ice cream kicks for your littles. 
What you will need:
-White shoes (we went with keds, but can can use any type of canvas shoe you’d like!)
-Acrylic paint (colors used-pink, red, yellow, light blue, white, tan and brown)
-Paint brushes
-Red Pom Poms
-Pencil *not pictured*
-Glue *not pictured*
To start we are going to be making the melted ice cream cone shoes! Get one of your shoes and begin to trace out drips all the way around the shoe. You can go as high or low as you want with it! It is also easier to draw it out before you paint for cleaner lines. Once you have everything mapped out, get a tan color to be the base of the cone. The canvas is better rubber at holding the paint than the rubber, so give certain sections extra coats where you feel is necessary. Allow the shoe to dry before moving on.
DIY Ice Cream Shoes- Ice Cream Castles Kids
Once your base coat is dry, we can move onto the outline. Simply follow the lines you have created with pencil and paint to define the drips and cone using a darker brown. Allow to dry.
DIY Ice Cream Shoes- Ice Cream Castles Kids
Now here comes the monotonous part-the pattern on the cone! With a brown color in between the base and outline of the cone, begin to draw small lines at an 120 degree angle all around the shoe. Once you have done that, go back the other way with the lines going the opposite direction to create the cross hatch pattern. Continue until all of the cone is covered and allow to dry. Repeat for other shoe.
DIY Ice Cream Shoes- Ice Cream Castles Kids
Now for the pink sprinkle shoe! If you don’t want to paint a shoe a different color, you are more than welcome to buy the color shoe you desire and simply paint on the sprinkle elements. However, since I wanted a particular color and look, I decided to just paint the entire shoe instead. Removing the shoe laces, avoiding the tongue, and rubber, begin to paint the canvas of the shoe. Allow them to completely dry before moving on. Once the shoe is dry, begin to paint on the sprinkles. The colors I used were yellow, red, blue and white. But you are free to use any color you’d like! Start by one color at a time, only a few sprinkles in each round. Continue to paint on the other sprinkles. You can go back and add more of a color you feel is missing or in need of. You may add as many or as little sprinkles as you’d like, just like real ice cream! Once you have finished putting on all of your sprinkles, set the shoes aside to dry.
DIY Ice Cream Shoes- Ice Cream Castles Kids
DIY Ice Cream Shoes- Ice Cream Castles Kids
While the shoes are drying, as a fun extra, continue the sprinkle pattern onto the shoelaces for a cute color contrast with the pink!
DIY Ice Cream Shoes- Ice Cream Castles Kids
Once everything is dry, place the shoelaces back onto the shoes. Now my favorite part-the pom poms! Like the perfect, last big cherry on top, take your hot glue and place the pom poms at the front of the shoe. Hold until glue has cooled. Repeat on the other shoe.
DIY Ice Cream Shoes- Ice Cream Castles Kids
And there you go, two scoops of fun shoes for any kiddo to wear this summer! We hope you enjoyed this DIY! Tag, comment and share with us on Instagram @theicecreamcastles using the hashtag #icecreamcastlesDIY if you liked or did this fun project. 


More about Katie

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Katie is ecstatic to be a part of the Ice Cream Castles team! She is an artist and designer working in Los Angeles.  Her previous experiences revolved around the world of production: working in Art Department, Props, Costumes, and Make-Up in both film and television. Her resume includes work with such companies as YouTube, Nickelodeon and Disney. Her other passions include painting, fabricating, and all things DIY.  We are truly lucky to have her on our team. 


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