Desert Radness Collection

And so the bubble of wishes set off into the sky, taking the children on a voyage to the desert. Rainbow Skies and warm wind; the children arrived at Radical Canyons — a vast valley of singing wolves and magical desert mirages. Anything was possible here - anything they wished for. Their first wish was for magic skate boards. Suddenly, dancing cactus dudes on boards surrounded them and made them follow the leader to the Chill Skate Shop where the children could buy boards that rolled without pushing.

The next wish was for neon water to keep them cool in the desert heat. Suddenly, a tidal wave washed them away to Lightning Surf Shop where they could buy surf boards with magic powers that only brightest lightning bolts can ride. After the water play was over, it was time for Ice Cream at Dream Cone where After the water of course they needed Ice Cream at Dream Cone where they could have ice cream of ANY flavor, and dream of becoming the most whimsical superheroes of all- time.

The Desert Sunset brought them to their first music event — DJ Night Owl’s No Sleep Tour at the Desert Swim. Who needs to sleep when things are this epic! With the beats in their bellies, they inhaled dreams like air. The sun rose to the next adventure as they rode back to the colorful canyon. Nothing sucked and everything was RAD in this
canyon of awesomeness...