Land Of Neon
    ….And so off the children went to the next magical place they thought up called the Land of Neon: a glowing galaxy of electric lights and sweet treats. The first stop was at the brain freeze ice cream shop. The children sat around eating the most delicious ying yang cones while they watched the team of the coolest gators skating around. Fueled by brain freezes, the gators flew by the kids giving them high- fives and welcoming them to this electric place. With kindess glowing in their hearts they ventured off to a concert featuring the Mon Cheri’s: a girl rock group that plays purple glitter guitars and sings the sweetest songs in French. Neon unicorns served strawberry moon milkshakes as the children danced to the beats. With love in their eyes on a sugar high they skipped through rainbow rain to the next experience. With their clothing magically tie dyed from the colorful storm they hurried to see the racing dolphins zooming around the track. Suddenly they heard high-pitched voices scream "LET'S GLOW" and off the dolphins went in fast electric cars more vibrant than the neon sun overhead. The excitement was exhilarating! They all cheered the dolphins along waving checkered flags and jumping up and down. It was too much fun for words. After the race they all laid by a vibrant blue sea and became friends with fancy flamingos with heart fur coats and amazing kicks. They were in a mood. When one of the children was asked what kind of mood they were in, they responded “a magical one, duh…” giggling and giddy the children agreed that they all felt pretty magical in this land of neon bliss. They glowed from within as the sunset in this mind-blowing landscape they never wanted to leave.... The LAND OF NEON