Our Story 
Ice Cream Castles is a children's clothing line inspired by a story based on children that travel to imaginary places. Designer & Founder Veronique Vicari Barnes is a true LA “Valley Girl." As an actress and former jewelry designer, Veronique  has  had much success in acting and designing custom jewelry for tastemakers and celebrities. After becoming a mother to twins she created this magical line. Storytelling has always been a strong passion for Veronique and she was thrilled to have an outlet for telling stories through apparel. She loves the freedom of designing for children within these imaginary, whimsical worlds. Every Ice Cream Castles season is special because each one tells an extraordinary story about a new world and the subsequent adventures that these children experience.  Veronique believes that story telling is the key to creating great art and hopes that her collections inspire children to understand the power of make-believe and to tell stories of their own. She loves to inspire kids to believe in all the magical things and enjoys how Ice Cream Castles brings that to life.