How to celebrate the 4th of July when you're not exactly feelin' America RN

Regarding the fourth of July this week I have a slightly heavy heart. I feel sad that at this moment I feel that we have so little to celebrate about America. I feel saddened that our country has so much hate and negativity swirling around these days. My heart aches for the pain of so many who are facing difficulties and oppression in this country. I know America has never been perfect, and I do love our country but I find myself disappointed in the choices we have made in our leadership and the perceived shift in what we stand for. That being said, I still believe in the good.

4th of July Ice Cream Cone DIY

Need a fun, easy but super cute last minute treat for 4th of July?! Why not make some red, white and blue dipped cones to stay cool and cute for this warm summer holiday!
July 03, 2018 by Veronique Vicari