Ice Cream Castles Fall 16'

Galactic Glamping-

…And so off they went on their next Galactic Glamping adventure. There’s no better place to roast marshmallows and blast a boom box than in outer space! First stop: Camp Cosmic, complete with glow-in-the-dark tee-pees, talking forest friends, and astronaut ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Next stop: Stardust Stallion Ranch, a magical place flying horses call home. They jumped on their favorite horse - Jade, Ziggy, and Pluto – and zoomed thru the sky faster than the shooting stars that surrounded them. Final Stop: An evening of mega music where they attended a rock concert by the Neptune Cowboys. Loud as can be, dancing their hearts out, they rocked the night away, feelin’ the beats and blasting off into the night of glitter skies…………


Photography by Tina Vicari