Home School Round Up Vol 3

Rainbow Rain
Another month has gone by and while things are slowly opening back up we are still 95% home bound. So here are some of our favorite activities, recipes, and links from the last few weeks. We have also included 2 of our favorite recipes from Disneyland! Can you guess which 2?? 

Home School Round Up Volume 1

I love Home School
If you are like us then all of a sudden in addition to your mom duties (and/or) working mom duties you have now become your kid's home school teacher. And if you're also like us then it has certainly been a challenging transition. So we put together some activities that helped us navigate these first few weeks and some cool links that may just buy you a few minutes of peace (no promises 😉). 

Spring is here!!!

Spring is here and so is our new collection!!! To celebrate all of the joys of the season we hit up our new fave ice cream joint: Softcream Los Angeles. The perfect place to get a decadent cone to match your new Spring Ice Cream Castles gear. Check it out!!

March 25, 2018 by Veronique Vicari