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Ice Cream Castles Spring 16'

The Bu Collection

The children traveled to a whimsical Beach called the Bu.. In the Bu anything was possible. Days filled with glitter sand and cotton candy oceans, tie dye sunsets and evenings of warm wind that made wishes come true. There they went to a store called the Mermaid Market where they got there magical seashells and crystal crowns… They also saw a concert there; a girl rock band with rainbow hair called Bliss.. They wore masks and felt like super heros with unicorn powers.. All was magical in the Bu…

Album Island Collection
The children traveled to an tropical place called Album Island. Where all was made of music and surf. The birds sang pop songs and the pirates loved to rap. Love notes hung from the palms, and pianos were hidden in the sand. There, they went to a record shop called Pirates Vinyl Shop where they bought “records that grrrrr’d”. They also saw a concert ;The Leopards a wild punk band at the local skate park. The children skated and sang into the sunsets. Their hearts had perfect beats on Album Island…



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