DIY Ice Cream Christmas Stockings

DIY Ice Cream Christmas Stockings
Welcome back to another Ice Cream Castles DIY project! Today we will be making Ice Cream Holiday Stockings. This project is fun and easy and can get the whole family excited and ready for the holidays! 
Supplies for Ice Cream Christmas Stockings
What you will need:
-cheap stockings, for a base (We purchased ours at the dollar store)
- different colors of felt 
-hot glue gun 
To begin, trace out your stocking with a tan cone color. This step helps eliminate the need to sew a stocking. Once the stocking shape is cut up, we will place it over top the front of the stocking to use as a base securing it on with hot glue. Repeat this step for each stocking. 
Stocking #1
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, nuts, and a cherry on top!
The first stocking design we will make is the vanilla with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top! Begin by creating your vanilla drips. Trace around your stocking so it lines up on the sides and then begin to create you shapes. You can choose to go as high and low as you like! Once you cut out your ice cream, glue it to your cone layer.
Now repeat the same technique for your chocolate layer. Simply allow it to be shorter so you are able to see the vanilla layer. Once that is finished, glue it down. Next are the nuts! Simply take a light brown color and cut out equal sized squares. Scatter them on the chocolate sauce to act as nuts-place them in your desired location and secure with glue. 
Last but not least, the cherry on top! Simply cut out a circle of your desired size and place it closer to the left hand side where the stocking will hang. Secure it and you have one completed stocking! 
Stocking #2
Candy Cane
With your clean cone base, create a vanilla layer such as the previous stocking. Once that is secured, begin to cut out thick red strips of felt and evenly space them out onto the white. Next, cut out thinner strips to go in-between the other strips to help create that candy cane pattern. Don’t worry if the red goes past the white, simply cut them off after you have glued down your stripes for a cleaner look! 
Stocking #3
Ice cream with sprinkles
Repeat both the tan base step as well as the vanilla ice cream step from stocking #1. For this one we chose to go with pink to represent strawberry ice cream. This one is our favorite because you get to add all the fun colors for the sprinkles! Go ahead and choose your favorite colors. We used white, green, red, blue and yellow. Cut them out into thin strips. Make sure each color is of equal size and equally placed around the ice cream layer. Place them into place and glue to complete!! 
You now have three new fun and adorable holiday stockings to hang up and admire this holiday season! 
We hope you enjoyed this fun Holiday DIY!
Please leave and comments or suggestions for projects you would like to see on our instagram or facebook pages @theicecreamcastles. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday, and from everyone here at Ice Cream Castles-happy crafting! 
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Katie is ecstatic to be a part of the Ice Cream Castles team! She is an artist and designer working in Los Angeles.  Her previous experiences revolved around the world of production: working in Art Department, Props, Costumes, and Make-Up in both film and television. Her resume includes work with such companies as YouTube, Nickelodeon and Disney. Her other passions include painting, fabricating, and all things DIY.  We are truly lucky to have her on our team!
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