How to celebrate the 4th of July when you're not exactly feelin' America RN

Veronique Vicari Barnes
Regarding the fourth of July this week I have a slightly heavy heart. I feel sad that at this moment I feel that we have so little to celebrate about America. I feel saddened that our country has so much hate and negativity swirling around these days. My heart aches for the pain of so many who are facing difficulties and oppression in this country and especially at the border. I know America has never been perfect, and I do love our country but I find myself disappointed in the choices we have made in our leadership and the perceived shift in what we stand for. That being said, I still believe in the good. I feel optimistic about people who are rising up to stand up for what they believe in and who are leading the way to help us move forward in a more positive direction. People want to be heard and they are taking to the streets to demand change. It invigorates me to see the women's movement at the forefront of this resistance. I am even more inspired by our youth who are banding together and speaking up for what they believe in. And even though there appears to be more and more despair daily, I am surprisingly hopeful for our future. 
Veronique Vicari Barnes
Jagger Barnes
Juliet Barnes
I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to give back to the world, and for me, that answer is love. I find some of the angriest people in my daily life are the people that need love the most. It's like my children. My son can hit me and cause a huge scene more often than not but those are the moments when he needs my love the most. When someone does mean or hurtful things to you it is usually because they are hurting themselves. When I think of the world and all of its hardships I get overwhelmed with anxiety about all the things I can't fix or change. But I can love more and send love to people that have hurt me and people that are hurting. Sending out love and forgiveness is the best way to get it back. Everyone has a different struggle so why judge one another? Why segregate?
I truly believe that the future lies with our children.If we teach them how to love and show them how to be loved I truly believe we can have a brighter more amazing future than ever in America and in our daily lives. So this fourth of July I will celebrate love. Love for not just the red, white, and blue, but for every color in the rainbow. I will celebrate the children of America because we care about them and the future is caring.
We care. We are awake. I believe there is still good in this world. Speak of love, talk about amazing things in life: simple things, nature, fire flies, and whatever makes you feel good. We will find a way into the light. I believe that it all starts with love... and, of course, ice cream. So stand with me this Fourth of July and CHOOSE LOVE AND ICE CREAM!! Happy birthday America. 
Photos by: Leyna Noelani Ambron from Yellow Heart Photography
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