Decor: Talk Turkey To Me

       Let's talk turkey! Everybody knows the star of Thanksgiving is the bird so when we saw this make your own gingerbread turkey kit we were sold. This masterpiece will now be the centerpiece of our table. This might even be the start of a new tradition! 

What you need:

1 Turkey Kit from Trader Joe's

1 egg white

Some lemon juice (a few drops is all you need)

Candy- the kit contains some candy buttons and some fruit gums but you can add m&m's, sprinkles, and sanding sugar to make your turkey extra fly (see what we did there?) 

1. Whip the egg white until it begins to stiffen. Add the package of icing sugar. Slowly add a few drops of lemon juice if your icing needs to be a little bit stickier. 

2. Fill the piping bag and cut a small hole in the tip. Pro tip: you can also use a sandwich bag to pipe. Lay the pieces out on a flat surface. Thinking about it now, using a cookie sheet would have contained all of the extra candy and icing that fell. There's always next time...

3. Ice the parts and start decorating. Be sure the slotted areas are free from icing for now. You want the initial decorations to dry before you start to piece the turkey together.

4. Assemble your bird. You will want to hold the pieces in place for a few seconds while they dry to make sure that they stick together. 

5. Add more decorations as needed.

6. Admire your handy work... and of course eat any candy that isn't glued to the actual turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 


November 21, 2017 by Veronique Vicari
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