On the Town: Happy Place

Being the super cool, in-the-know mamas that we are, when we saw that there was a pop-up where we could stand on the ceiling, jump over the rainbow into a pot of gold, make confetti snow angels and eat m&m's, cake pops, and rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches we had to wrangle up the kids and head downtown ASAP. It was an Ice Cream Castles Kid's Dream!! 

While we all had an absolute blast, we put together a small list of tips that will help you keep your cool when Happy Place gets hot. No really, at one point it got strangely hot... 

1. Have a healthy breakfast so you don't feel super guilty about your kids chowing down on candy, cake pops, and popsicles inside. 

2. There is no parking on site. They will tell you to find any public parking space which can be a bit tricky. However; when we were leaving we spotted a public parking lot off of the back side of the museum near the exit. This would have probably been a better choice than the sketchy alleyway we parked in that was just a tad too far away...


3. There is no bathroom once you go inside the building. Go before you take the kids in.

4. You cannot go backwards. Once you leave a room, you can't go back so get all the pics you want before moving forward. 

5. You will have to wait to get into the hotspots for photos. At one point we skipped a room because the kids were getting antsy. There were several people staging full on photo shoots who definitely took their time (to put it nicely). 

6. There were so many cute little areas within the larger ones that were often overlooked that made for some very cute pictures and some good spots to take a break. A few times the kiddies needed to have some water and a place to sit to wait while one of us stood in line. Which reminds us: bring water! There was no water until the very end and the littles got thirsty from all of the treats. 

7. Take advantage of the photo set ups they have available there. They have cameras set up in two of the interactive areas to take some very cute gifs that they email or text to you right away. The staff was also very friendly and is happy to snap a pic or two for you. 


8. Have fun and be HAPPY!!!!  And get the rainbow grilled cheese on your way out! I am pretty sure the mamas liked just as much or more than the kids did ;)


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