On the Menu: Pumpkin Cone-Cakes

          Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays and we are all about giving thanks so we got the kiddies together and made these super yummy treats. (And of course we put our very own Ice Cream Castles twist on them). No matter how busy we are designing new collections or making sure our biggest sales period of the year goes off without a hitch, spending time with the kids is always the most important thing. Things got a little messy, but the best things in life always are!


What you need:

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix

Coconut Oil (because it makes everything better)



Ice Cream cones (it's kind of our thing ;) )  

Step 1: Follow the directions on the box. We won't tell it's not 100% home made if you don't. Use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil to add some healthy fats and really bring out the pumpkin-y flavor. Step 2: Pour muffin batter into ice cream cones. The key is to not fill them up all the way because they will rise in the oven- 3/4 of the way is ideal. You can make any type of muffin or cupcake into a cone. It adds another level of fun and yumminess. Trust us! Bake as directed.


Pro tip: You can use a muffin tin to stabilize the cones so they are less likely to fall over. 

You can top with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles for extra creativity points. Buttercream frosting also works and is equally delicious even though we think the slight twang of cream cheese compliments the pumpkin flavor so well. 



November 21, 2017 by Veronique Vicari
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