Creepy Crawly Dirt Cups

Creepy Crawly Dirt Cups
These creepy crawly dirt cups are sooooooo Halloween 🎃! This simple project is perfect for tiny helpers and you only need a few ingredients. 
Creepy Crawly Dirt Cups
What you need: 
Chocolate Pudding (we went old school and got a box of pudding mix which we mixed with 4 cups of cold milk. A good mixing with a whisk for 5 minutes gave us smooth velvety pudding and a very minor arm cramp 😉) 
Your fave chocolate cookies (we found these chocolate Graham crackers and they crushed up like a dream!!) 
A gallon sized Ziploc bag
A rolling pin 
Gummy worms (we went with the sour kind because they are extra bright and vibrant)
Clear cups
Creepy crawly dirt cups
First, crush up that cookie "dirt." We placed 6 chocolate Graham crackers into a gallon size Ziploc bag and went over it a few times with a rolling pin.   
Creepy Crawly Dirt Cups
Next, spoon out pudding into clear cups. Add your dirt layer. 
Creepy Crawly Dirt Cups
Garnish with worms
Is this a treat you would recreate? Let us know in the comments below. Share your fave #Halloween inspired crafts and snacks with is on Instagram at @theicecreamcastles using the hashtags #icecreamcastleskids #insidescoop 
Creepy Crawly Dirt Cups
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