We're Back... and we made the cutest DIY ice cream cone necklaces!!


Sometimes you start an amazing project and then life and businesses, and kids (and husbands) get in the way. But, now that the kids are officially preschool graduates (yay) we are back and have a super cute, fun, easy, and (of course) ice cream themed DIY craft for you. These ice cream cone necklaces were actually made for said preschool graduates to hand out at their end of year party and came out perfectly sweet. Enjoy! 

What you need

What you need: 

Colored card stock (construction paper is ok too)

Pom poms


Necklace string 

A hot glue gun

A sewing needle with a large head (for stringing)

Beads for decoration 

Cones Step 1


We started off with the cones as for some reason we thought this would be the hardest part. It wasn't too bad but we did have to make 100 of these so it certainly wasn't our favorite part. We discovered that there were 2 ways to roll the cones: 1. Cut a triangle shape out of the cardstock or, 2. cut a half circle out of the cardstock. You have to experiment a little to find the shape you prefer to work with but we ended up preferring the triangle as there was less overhang to have to glue down. Once you roll it into a cone shape, glue down the free edge to secure. Viola! You have the cone base. 

Voila! Cones

Bonus tip: You could get super fancy here and glue burlap onto the triangles with a glue stick before rolling into cones to really create a cool, textured cone effect. 

Now that you have your fabulous cones ready, pick out the pom pom "ice cream scoops." The kids of course wanted to put 20 pom poms per necklace but the max here is 3 or 4 (small ones) so it isn't too top heavy when you wear it. 

Pom Pom Scoops

We hot glued the opening of the cone to secure the first pom pom. Once that was dry(ish) we hot glued the other pom poms to each other. Here is where the needle comes in. Thread the needle with whatever string you will use for your necklaces. You can use satin rattail nylon cord (like we did), ribbon, lanyard string, or embroidery floss. Push the needle through the center of the pom, pull through and trim to desired length. Decorate with colorful beads. 

We did it!

To make it extra festive, we piled the necklaces into a serving tray with other ice cream themed goodies and passed them out to the little graduates. They were a big hit with the kids and the parents all appreciated these sweet "sugar free" treats. Even thought these necklaces were super cute, these little cones are actually very versatile. You can make them into bracelets, brooches, hair clips, backpack charms, garland, or even wine charms (for those of us over the age of 21 of course).  

Veronique Vicari Barnes

Happy Crafting!!!! 


P.S. Just because I'm a proud mama I needed to add one more pic of my babes at their graduation 

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